A Brief Biography of Syed Anwer Ali

Syed Anwer Ali, belongs to a Syed Family in the progeny of Imam Ali Raza. According to the School Certificate, Syed Anwer Ali was born on 15th June 1930* at Nasirabad Cantt., District Ajmer India His mother died while he was of the age of two years. And therefore, he was brought up by his grandmother. After receiving religious education at home, he did his Matriculation from Mission High School, Nasirabad Cantt in 1945 and First year Arts from Government College Ajmer in 1946. In October 1947 he migrated to Pakistan, and did Inter Arts (in 1949), B.A. in 1951 from Government College Hyderabad (University of Sind), and M.A. (Philosophy) in 1953 from S. M. College, Karachi and LL.B in 1955 from S. M. Law College Karachi, (both are affiliated to the Karachi University).

He was enrolled as a Pleader in 1956, as Advocate of the High Court of West Pakistan in 1958, and as Attorney of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1959. Later, he was also enrolled as an Advocate, and thereafter also as an Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He is still in actual practice. He is also working as Hon. Professor of Law, taking the LL.M Classes, in the S.M. Government Law College, Karachi.

One of his ancestors, namely Meer Ali Naqi, came to India from Najaf (Iraq), and permanently settled at Delhi. His ancestors were mostly in the Military Service. His grandfather Mir Syed Ali Shaiq of Delhi was a renowned Urdu Poet and writer, and has left a compilation of several poetry books known as Zakhira-e-Shaiq. He was also several book complier of a unique 'Urdu Dictionary' entitled as Shaiq-ul-Lughaat. Some of his books were published during his life time from Bombay and Agra, and some after his death from Karachi. Selection from his poems entitled as Kulliyaat-e-Shaiq has also been published recently from Karachi in the year 1981. He died in 1920 at the age of 80 years at Nasirabad Cantt., leaving two daughters and a son Syed Noor Ali, besides many of his disciples in poetry.

Syed Noor Ali, the father of Syed Anwer Ali, was a business man of great repute in the Ajmer District. After the advent of Pakistan, he migrated to Hyderabad (Sindh) and then to Karachi, and died here in 1977. He was also a poet having the poetical name as SHAUQ.

Syed Anwer Ali is a Sunni Hanfi, also having allegiance to the Mystic Orders of Qadariah, Chistiah, Nizamiah, and Naqshbandia Mujaddidia. He sworn his allegiance firstly to (Late) Hazrat Shah Mohammad Sahib of Agra, then to (late) Hazrat Peer Abdul Ma'bood Al-Gailani Sahib of Islamabad, and then to Hazrat Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahib, M.A., Ph.D., D.Lit,.

Firstly, Syed Anwer started writing, the Law Books in 1962 and published Commentaries on many laws, viz. Karachi Rent Restriction Act,1953, Provincial Small Causes Courts Act, 1887, Rent Laws in Pakistan, West Pakistan Urban Rent Restriction Ordinance, 1959, Election Laws Banking Law in Pakistan, Anwer Ali's Laws of Pakistan, Law of Family Courts and Muslim Law Summarised.

From 1971 he took to writing on Islamic subjects, and published Life—the Essence of Reality (1971)* Religion—the Science of Life (1974), Islam –the Religion**(1975), Real Tragedy of the Human Life (1976), Real Achievement of the Human Life (1979), and the Seal of Prophet hood (1975)., Al-Fiqah (Islamic Jurisprudence, Quran – The Fundamental of the Human Life (A Commentary of the Holy Quran—in Sixteen Volumes (1985), Sunnah – The Way Of Quranic Life (1999), (Islamic Jurisprudence) in Five Volumes (2011), Quran -- The Final Book of Guidence in two volumes (2012), lastly Prophet Muhammad – The Last Prophet of Allah in five volumes (2012).

Syed Anwer Ali is also a poet and has so far published two compilations of his Urdu Poems, entitled as Bootam (1974) and Khurshid (1975).

* According to the Nasirabad Cantonment Board record, however, he was born on Thursday the 5th of July, 1928 (15th of Muharram 1347 A.H.)

** The initial draft of this book in the form of a Metaphysical Thesis was actually written in 1952 during the studies of M.A. (Philosophy).

*** This book has also been translated into Urdu by Professor Azeemi Shaikh Faqir Muhammad and published under the title of Islam Deen-e-Haq.

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